Here's to a Long Line of Sinners Like Me

Sheena. 18. Wrestling is my boyfriend. Dean Ambrose & CM Punk are the shit. Outspoken country girl in a bowl of high-maintenance city slickers. Brunette in a world of dumb blondes. Self proclaimed bitch from Tennessee. Follow if you want, leave if you don't.

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You’re sending Joey and Jamie to get Ambrose? 😂😂😂😂😂

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Prayer circle for CM PunkDow to debut just to really piss off the crowd in Chicago!

"You know… I don’t know why these people feel the need to cheer for quitters?" - Stephanie McMahon 



Petition to give the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Paul Heyman, he’s the only one of him and Brock Lesnar to show up! 


Audience: CM PUNK

Stephanie McMahon: I never understood why these people would cheer for quitters


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Tbh this crowd will bother the shit outta me tonight  

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Can Cena just stay out of a storyline that’s actually good?

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america’s down to one last hope


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👀 NXT debuts!??? YES! YES! YES!


👀 NXT debuts!??? YES! YES! YES!

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welcome to the grown men taking of their shirts hour.


welcome to the grown men taking of their shirts hour.

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I thought Dean was gonna pull out a can of beer when he reached into the inside of his jacket lol

Or a cigarette

Or a cigarette and a lighter…. and a can of beer

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